Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Project Puddles has me MIA: Now with Pictures!

Greetings, salutations!

This is a very quick update just in case anyone is wondering where I've gotten to, which you likely aren't, but just in case? Here we go:

For the past week I was working on outfitting our home for our newest addition, our new dog, named Puddles. She came with that name, and I think I'm going to go ahead and keep it.

Puddles is a mixed breed, nine month old puppy, who is on her second (and final) rescue home. Initially she was left in a field in New Mexico, in a box with her litter mates. A rough start to a life, you will agree. However, it got better from there. She was found, and turned over to a rescue society. Puddles first placement was one of those misfires the universe sometimes brings about. Although her first people were good, and loving, they didn't have much experience with dogs. That combined with some personal strife led to the need for Puddles to find a new home.

Two weeks ago, my husband was looking at rescue sites, allegedly to see what a Bull Terrier looked like. I say allegedly because he had just been to a local business that was hosting the Bull Terrier rescue group, so I'm guessing he would have recognized one on sight, but I digress, as is my way.

So in his quest for Bull Terriers, he very accidentally stumbled across two Scottish Terriers available for adoption. Two Scotties, a Blue Heeler, an English Bulldog, and a Westie, as it happens. Accidents are funny that way. Particularly when you are entering "Scottish Terrier" into the search engine when allegedly looking for Bull Terriers. Less of an accident, more of a plot, I'd say, but what do I know?

You may recall that I have just had my carpets entirely replaced. Contrarian that he is, this seemed to put Rob on the path to dogdom once more. Contrarian that I am, I married that stubborn cuss because we are rather similar.

Rob emailed me this varied list of dogs, just in case I wanted to see them. He was doing so from the great distance of exactly one story of stairs over my head. When he returned from his home office Bull Terrier quest, he asked about the dogs he had seen. Had I opened my email yet? Oh, and there was a dog with the inauspicious name of Puddles, up for adoption.

An hour later, the name Puddles kept popping into my head, and I finally just went and looked for her myself.

And the rest, as they say, is rather predictable. On Sunday, after completing our adoption paperwork, home visit and interview, we went to pick up Puddles who is purported to be a Scottish Terrier/Basset Hound mix. Somewhere in her lineage there may have been a basset, and there certainly was some sort of terrier, but mostly Puddles is a dog with many ingredients in her genetic makeup.

She has separation anxiety issues that are already starting to show improvement. Part of what happened with Puddles is that her people were on their first ever dog, and didn't realize Puddles would need some good routines to rely upon. All of her routines tended to be negative, and reinforced fears of abandonment. She's learned about walks, toys, having her teeth brushed (there is an exceptionally long story to go with that, but I'll spare you) and some other "It's good to be a dog" type of things.

This isn't about to turn into the Days of My Dog Blog, but you may not have seen me in your comment sections lately. I'll be back, in all my wordiness, but for right now I'm establishing my pack leadership. You will be relieved to know this does not actually involve my having to pee on anything.

As for the carpets, I purchased a steam cleaner, just in case Puddles lived up to her name.

Everyone take care, and I will see you around soon!


The Bug said...

Awww - I keep thinking I want a dog but I know I really don't. So write about her all you want - I'll live vicariously (& hilariously, I'm sure).

NuminosityBeads said...

Puddles and new carpet.......hmmmmm......!

Teri said...

Pictures?? Pretty please!

Shrinky said...

You opt for a dog named PUDDLES, when you have fresh, new carpets? I just knew I liked you (giggle).. oh, have fun with the bonding, hon, and take lots of photo's, pretty please?

Kyle said...

How could a creature named Puddles be bad? Routines and getting good "pictures" in their memory are terribly important for new canine family members. Alane, so glad Puddles found you and you found Puddles. Pictures please!

Amy said...

Congratulations Alane! Mixed breeds are usually the best we've found. We had two lab mixes - Ralph lived to 14 and Lucy to 12, and now we have Jack. Jack was rescued once before we did the same. His first adopter reported that "Jack" tore up his shop. We didn't bat an eye and have never looked back. He's 6 now and over 100 lb.

It sounds like "Puddles" is a great match for your family. Personally, I've always been fond of terriers, but Jim is a "big dog" lover and he is the "alpha male" in this home. Jack has never peed on the carpet or made a mess - the garden is another story. He chewed on plastic irrigation devices with no discrimination! Now he's a gentle giant who is perfectly trained and amenable - would never hurt a flea (drats!). Sorry to go on and on - I'm just a dog lover at heart!

I second the motion for a photo!

Joel said...


Land of shimp said...

Hello! I was just taking pictures, with an eye towards getting some shots up later today. I'm a terrible photographer, so be forewarned. Once Rob gets home tonight, he can do the ceremonial download (my computer is a Mac, which is incompatible with my Sony camera...I'm bright that way)

Dana, living vicariously is the best bet! There's absolutely nothing wrong with recognizing, "You know, I like dogs, but I don't think being that tied down is for me." You get to be the friendly, "Who's a pretty dog! You are!" passerby, and there's much less to clean up that way :-)

Numinosity, you know what a big part of it was? After Rob told me her name, I couldn't help but think, "Oh man, she's going to need someone hoping for irony on that name. All but the most stalwart of souls will run for their lives."

And I realized I'd had my stalwart flakes, just that morning ;-) No seriously, it's new carpet, etc. etc. but we didn't have it put in to worship it from afar, and sooner or later, there was going to be another dog, we both knew it. And we both love irony in action ;-)

Teri, coming up, later today :-) I'm still on my lighting fixture quest, and have not forgotten you, by the way!

Shrinky, hehe, well then that feeling is mutual, m'lady :-) I know, it seems rather "come and get me, fate!" to adopt a dog named Puddles with new carpet but ...okay, follow along with me, part of the reason we had to get rid of that carpet was that it was kind of gross, not just from age, but from the previous owners dogs...who were not exactly well trained, it seems.

So we knew it was going to be a case of "new carpet, because this is gross and triggered to high heaven...and then a dog."

For whatever it may be worth, she does not submissively pee, as her name implied. Plus, I have my other new friend, Bissell. Who also wets the floor, but in a different way!

Kyle...I was just thinking about you this morning, believe it or not. Just remembering how nice you were about your dog getting skunked, and knowing how you feel about animals, I thought of you.

I agree, and Kyle, you might appreciate this. When we traveled to bring her home, we went up to Fairplay, which is a mountain town across the high plains, and all the twisting roads, and elevation changes that implies. Beautiful area, but a long drive.

They'd fed her peanut butter and toast, with lunchmeat for breakfast, and she'd never been on a walk in her life. So she hit the trifecta of bodily eliminations of the way down, poor dog.

So her first picture of us? Being bathed in the backyard, before we could bring her inside. It got better for her from there, but I wouldn't have blamed Puddles for feeling as if we both sucked, mightily.

But we already have our established walk times, and a game or two, she's settling in really very well.

Thanks so much, everyone! It's so kind of you to show interest, and the pictures will follow :-)

Land of shimp said...

Amy, I think I'm the last person in the world to apologize to for going on a bit :-) Plus, you really didn't, and it was fun to read about Jack. I think 9 times out of 10, the unacceptable behavior is a result of the person not understanding something the dog is communicating. Perhaps in Jack's case it was, "STOP LEAVING ME ALONE IN THE SHOP!"

I'm glad he found you :-)

Cricket, isn't that just the funniest feeling? *check mail* "Okay, you could have just shouted down the stairs for me...I actually go up and down stairs, it's one of my features."

We used to have a Scottish terrier who had a submissive peeing problem. We eventually managed to correct that behavior, but it took a lot of patience...and stain remover :-)

*waves at Joel*

I promise pictures, and thank you for the visit!

Nicole said...

You are wonderful! That about sums up everything I have to say. I could go on and on...

Rescue dogs can truely be the best, most loving dogs ever. Please pardon my typos...I write this with my laptop balanced on my lab mix dog's back (she thinks she is a lap dog). I always have dog hair on my clothes (and pretty much everywhere) but I never lack a true companion.

Have an open heart and mind and you'll be blessed!

Tabor said...

I have also been away at a garden seminar and just catching up on my blog reading. This sounds like it can be FULL of my dog blogs and you are such a delightful writer that I hope you don't avoid the subject entirely.

Land of shimp said...

So are you, Nicole, and thank you :-) You have a warm, loving desk there, no doubt!

Puddles is our second rescue dog, our first only had three years with us, as he was seven by the time we met, and unfortunately Angus hadn't been well-treated at all. But he had three fantastic years to make up for those seven, and learned that the world could be a good place to be a dog in prior to having to leave it.

He truly was a blessing, and I'm sure you know exactly what I mean :-)

Take care, always good to see your screenname, Nicole! Do let me know what you thought of the Fields book when you get a chance :-)

Land of shimp said...

Tabor, I hope you greatly enjoyed the seminar!

Thank you so much, and I have a feeling that the subject of Puddles will crop up from time to time. Animals are a wealth of funny stories :-)

Jo said...

Aw... Enjoy. Give Puddles a little scritch behind the ear from me.

Hilary said...

I was beginning to wonder but I remembered something about a puddle of fluffy cuteness. Congrats! I'm glad to hear that you're bonding with Puddles. It's such a loving kindness to adopt.

Dave said...

Good for you for rescuing puddles Alane, and giving her a home. I'm sure she will be very happy with you - and vice versa.- Dave

Kyle said...

Puddles is adorable! Looks like a sweet soul.

Nicholas would freak out if they met though. He has issues if eyes are covered even partially. Hair, sunglasses, a cap, it doesn't matter, if he can't see all of your eyes, he thinks you could be a soul eater.

Katy said...

That sounds a lot like how I found my dog Gryffindor. I was looking for pictures of Bull Mastiffs and found myself adopting a Brussles Griffon who was too big for his owner to show and has a slight over bite.

Suldog said...

Well, yes, as a matter of fact I was wondering where you were. I mean, I know you left a comment or two (in your wonderfully full and witty style) over at my place, but nothing much here for me to return the favor upon. So, this is quite welcome.

Puddles is a marvelous name for a dog, and here's hoping one that the dog won't feel an overwhelming need to live up to.

If someone e-mailed me from inside of my own house, I would have to brain him/her. Just sayin'.

ethelmaepotter! said...

Puddles may come from a long line of non-impressive sorts, but she looks like a winner to me. She has the most adorable little face!

Once upon a time, my husband decided that he would give me a puppy for Christmas, knowing full well that I was staunchly a CAT PERSON, that I had told him for several years that I did not want a dog in the house, but he forged ahead and bought a tiny little cocker spaniel. I tried so hard not to love the little mutt. He was impossible...he ate my good shoes...he chewed up the corner of the coffee table and my good easel...he ruined my Russian architecture book...he peed on every inch of the carpet in the house. He refused to be housebroken, despite the intervention of every book ever written on the subject and the advice of two veterinarians.

When Fred finally decided to replace the ruined carpet with hardwood and the dog began using it, instead of his pee pads, Fred decided the dog had to go. He called me at work and told me he had sold him to a lady who wanted to breed him...a dog's dream. I burst into tears, for, of course, I had come the love the little monster.

As for emailing from upstairs...yeah, Fred does that to me all the time. Lazy old good for nothing mutt.

Vera said...

Oh what a cute dog, and so lucky to have found you. We had a dog with a 'bad' history brought to us, a cocker spaniel, and we were his last chance. Half an hour here and he bit my husband's hand. Six months on, and he is a delight. So well done you for giving him a safe place in this world.

Cricket said...

She's a cutie. Great pics - glad I checked back. I'm not a pet person myself but I love animals. I'm more than happy to enjoy other people's pets, live or in photos. For now, the children are more than enough work, thank you.

In theory, I wouldn't mind a big, intelligent dog, maybe a German Shepherd. Such a creature would be miserable here though, with a yard about 20'x20', going for walks on sidewalks and traffic-y roads.

If I ever buy a farmhouse in the rolling hills, then maybe....

LadyFi said...

What a cute dog! Hope you don't have to sniff any butts either to confirm pack leadership...

Mia said...

You're Mia now?

JoMo said...

What a cute fellow! Loads of work ahead as you know, and a steam cleaner is a great friend indeed.

We've just started dog obedience with our 10 month old pup and it's a real hoot. The wizened gal leading the class is the very same who initiated our Penny 12 years ago into the world of flawless heal, come, sit, & stay...chatting with her it turns out she's been training dogs in this same old community hall for 40 years. Woof, I love her.

Have fun, what an adventure!

Shrinky said...

OMG Shimp, she is utterly adorable, who couldn't fall in love with a little scrap like that?

Land of shimp said...

Jo, I will :-) She has that funny spot behind her ear, that triggers the back leg scratching. She's a good little girl. Hope you're doing well!

Hilary, I figured Puddles wouldn't come as a surprise to either you, or Cricket, who I'd shown her adoption listing to :-) She is a loving kindness in and of herself. We're lucky to have her little furry face in the mornings.

The one that says, "You're going to walk me, right? Right? How about now? No? Soon? Now? How about now?"

She's training us well :-)

Thank you, Dave! I hope your presentation went well!

Hahaha! Kyle, I wonder if he's right? Although I suspect that Puddles is a soul snuggler. Her fur can be brushed down, but I've always had some form of terrier when it comes to dog, the vast majority of whom had their eyes covered.

And I haven't seen my soul recently! OH NO!!!

Katy, I'm always surprised, in a good way, by how many people have similar sort of stories about how they found their dogs. Or their dogs found them, perhaps :-)

Hey Jim, I shall be back to word bomb your comment section quite soon. Puddles turns out to be an ironic name, the dog is clearly part camel. I've never met a dog that peed less. It's rather unnerving.

I hope your band get together went well, and I look forward to catching up on your blog, you funny man.

Land of shimp said...

Aw, Ethel, yes, they have tremendous access to our hearts, do they not? Doesn't sound as if the story worked out all that well for the dog in question. You know, I do believe that no matter how hard the people who had Puddles tried, and loved her, that she was never going to settle in there.

She needed a different situation, maybe that was the case with your dog too? It does happen, and hopefully you both went on to happier, and dryer times!

Vera, I've seen your dogs, and they are wonderfully cute, beguiling creatures. I'm looking forward to popping by your blog to read more of the adventures in France :-) Thanks for stopping by.

Land of shimp said...

Hey Cricket, I'm firmly of the opinion that there is nothing whatsoever wrong with recognizing, "Hey, a dog isn't for me." at this stage of life, or any other.

The real trouble starts when people don't understand that, get a dog, and then come to the realization that a dog isn't for them. That's pretty much what happened with Puddles.

She's a very winning little furry soul.

If you ever do get a German Shepherd, make sure you go with a very reputable breeder. Shepherds have a big problem with hip degeneration due to poor breeding practices. Seriously, go with a breeder that can confirm that isn't in the line (via X-ray) because it's a heart breaking thing for a person and a dog to go through.

Thank you, Lady Fi! And thankfully, no. The being bigger, stronger, and louder has worked to my advantage. Plus, my butt dwells far over Puddles head (and I am grateful!)

Do you rescue animals, Mia? Something of a dog person?

Good luck with the obedience training, JoMo. There's something wonderfully fitting about having the same teacher, all these years later. The next generation of JoMo dog :-) Very much feels like a blessing on the family unit, doesn't it?

You have fun, and I'm sure Penny had a lovely life. It's hard to lose our animals, but they give us such great memories.

Shrinky, isn't she just comically cute? The over-sized nose, and the fringed face?

Puddles certainly cornered the market on "forgive me all, I'm way too cute not to love!"

Rob's theory is that she must be the devil, trying to disarm us with adorable qualities, and then trying to wake us before dawn.

DUTA said...

What a cute dog, and what a nice story behind his adoption!
Thanks for the updating. Hope Puddles won't dominate all of your free time.

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

She is very cute and I am glad she's found a forever home that knows what to do with her! I would love to read more about her and I am sure, just as you occasionally see my cat, that we will get updates as you learn along.

Kathryn said...

I have missed you! But i'm also slow to catch up on my reading.

How lovely, a dog. :)

I'm like the Bug, i keep thinking i want one, but i really don't. The cats fit our lifestyle so much better.

Hope you're all settled together well. She's cute.

SandyCarlson said...

That dog would be aces with me, too. That is a great post. You are good people!

Barry said...

Yes, with the name Puddles, it does make you nervous and suggest a steam cleaner would be a good addition to the family. Especially when you have all new carpets.

Best wishes with your new adoption.

laughingwolf said...

lol... quite a well told tale!

grats on the new addition...

my sheltie pup, kenny, is one year old today :)

Land of shimp said...

Hello, Duta! Thank you very much. She is a very sweet, loving little dog, and actually very easy to manage. Puddles just needs to re-learn a few things, but she's getting there :-)

The Lucy and Dick Show, thank you also. I enjoy reading about your cat, by the way. I liked that you used the language of rescue societies, "her forever home". That's all animals want, really. Just to land some place with people to love and care for them.

Hey, Kathryn :-) I'm a firm believer in there being absolutely nothing wrong with deciding, "You know, a dog isn't for me." I think that there are many very good, very loving people in the world, with and without pets. The important part is knowing that, and not determining it after getting a dog.

That's sort of Puddles story. The people who had her were, and are, good people but a dog wasn't for them. They didn't want to have to walk her, and adjust their lives to her. They thought it would be the other way around.

They weren't out to do anything unkind, and in fact, Puddles was clearly treated kindly. Realizing they'd made a mistake, they then did the most responsible thing they could, and in doing so, saved Puddles from a lifetime of anxiety issues.

Sandy, I'm pretty sure I was a goner as soon as I heard her name, but one look at her face and I knew, "Hey, there's my dog!"

She was actually up in the town that the creators of South Park based their cartoon upon. I'm not fan of South Park, but we did make a lot of jokes about keeping a sharp eye out for a dead Kenny while we were there.

Hi Barry :-) This will sound odd, but I thought of you last night, hoping for good things for you.

Do you know, the name is almost entirely ironic? My husband swears this dog is part camel. She's actually our fourth dog, the others having gone onto their doggie rewards. So we're speaking from experience, this dog so seldom puddles, it's a tad unnerving.

I also thought of you while out walking Puddles yesterday, on a trail near here. Just thinking of Lindsay's adventures, and how it is often easier to smile at life, when you spend a fair amount of time following a wagging tail.

Take care.

Land of shimp said...

Oh congratulations, laughingwolf! We cross-posted, and both mentioned a different kind of Kenny.

Serendipity in action!

Thank you for stopping by :-)

Amy said...

Alane, Puddles is a winner! I've enjoyed reading your comments and seeing his picture too. A friend sent me this link yesterday and I thought of you.

dog movie

Land of shimp said...

Oh Amy, what a cute little movie! Thank you, that was a lot of fun. What good, and patient animals those dogs are.

As I work on getting Puddles to sit when I want her to? I can't help but envy those people their very well trained animals!

Haha, what happy, well-trained doggies they are. I've seen that group before, in a Christmas video and they are always fun.

Nancy said...

Bless you and your husband and your sweet, kind hearts! We'll be here when you return. Love to Puddles, and his "forever home."

TechnoBabe said...

I was waiting for the issue of the carpets. Good for you; steam cleaner and lots of patience. Puddles is so adorable. You and your husband sound like my hubby and me each at our own computers in different rooms and emailing things of interest to each other!

Anonymous said...

Hello~Nice to meet you~..................................................

ethelmaepotter! said...

Just dropping in to say hello to you and Puddles.

I broke my own rules and got two puppies last week - one looks very much like Puddles. Fred's been wanting a puppy for the longest, a little house dog, either a Maltese or Yorkie. But I felt that it wouldn't be fair to the dog, since he sleeps all night and I sleep all day. Well, our anniversary is coming up next week, and last week Fred showed me an ad for Morkie pups - half Maltese, half Yorkie...so I surprised him the next day with BOTH of them. They're ten months old, brother and sister, and I don't feel bad about buying them from a breeder, because they were obviously either abused or neglected; they are incredibly skinny and terrified of everything. Until today, I had to corner them to pick them up, then they just cowered and shivered. But once I would hold them, they clung to me and wouldn't let go.

Beginning yesterday, they finally began coming to me more willingly, and they slept all night on the couch with me. They are at my feet wherever I go.

That'll probably change after today though, as I have betrayed them - I dropped them at the vet this morning for shots and neutering (and spaying!)

Miss OverThinker said...

What a cute dog.. good luck training Puddles and also have fun bonding with her..

Land of shimp said...

Hi Nancy! Thank you, she's a good, good girl and we're fortunate to have her. Thanks for the good wishes :-)

Hey, Technobabe :-) I know, it's ever so slightly crazed to replace all carpets and get a dog. However, houses are for living in, and all that. Happy May (I say, randomly)!

Hello, Paris. I suspect you're a spammer, but what the heck, "Hello." :-)

Ah, congratulations on the new additions to the family, Ethel :-) I hope they continue to settle, and improve. It's nice that they'll have each other, and I'm sure they'll be loving companions for you. Good luck with your small bundles of fur! Thanks for stopping by :-)

Helllllllo, MOT! Thank you, she is a very loving dog. We're still working on her separation anxiety. I think I'll pop over to your blog now and see what you've been up to :-)

Jo said...

Are you back? Are you back?


Land of shimp said...

*chants in best Whoville voice*

"We are here! We are here!"

I'm back to being able to at least read blogs on a regular basis, Jo :-) At least for the moment.

Until I have something to post that isn't quite so "What I did today with my dog, and training her!" I'll likely wait to post :-)

Good to see you, and hey, congratulations on the new bed! Makes you feel like a new person, doesn't it?

PhilipH said...

What a smashing little bundle this Puddles is. Looks a real charmer; you must be smitten! I would be.

My elderly ballroom teacher, Patricia Stinton, is pining for HER dog, a Lassie type of animal, but it would be unsafe for her to be re-united for a while yet.

I 'make do' with Flossie, a neighbour's lovely black and white Border Collie. Sadly, Flossie is none too well, having suffered a stroke very recently. Flossie has the most gorgeous big brown eyes and when she looked at me yesterday, from the seat of Alice's car, I could have wept. I fear that Flossie my not have too long left; she's about 13, which is a decent enough age, but even so she is too beautiful to be lost to our small community.

Land of shimp said...

Oh I'm sorry, Philip! I know Flossie from your videos, and I'd hoped that Flossie would make it to the time her person got back from globetrotting. At least she's been well looked after by many. I'm sorry though, she is a beautiful dog.

I'm sorry about Patricia's situation also, but I'm heartened to hear that she has many reason to set her mind to healing :-) Knit bones, knit!

Glennis said...

Its so good to have a pet.

Shrinky said...

How goes it with Puddles? How about some fresh pic's? (Okay, I'm missing you!)

Dianne said...

oh my what a sweetie

thanks for visiting my petals post
your observations about the way families communicate made me laugh
whenever I'm especially kind to my brother he always wants to know what I'm up to ;)

Jo said...

Okay, Miss Alane, time for you to come back.

Come baaaack! Come baaaack!

Land of shimp said...

I am in full agreement, Glennis! Thank you for stopping by :-) Where would we be without the pets who think we are heroes, eh? To our animals, we have already achieved near perfection.

I suppose I ought to remember that the next time I wish I was a size 2, eh?

It goes well, Shrinky! Thank for asking. She's coming along quite well, and she's real heart stealer. I take her in to Doggie Daycare once a week to help get her used to being around other dogs, and more people. It's helped her a great deal and they all fall over in near cute-gasms at the sight of her.

She's got quite the comical, cute face. I am taking pictures, and compiling funny hound stories for the future :-)

Thanks for missing me, by the way, what a lovely thing to be told.

Dianne, I loved your petal post! I have felt a memory coming in a for a landing also. Plus, the best gardeners I have personally known were of Italian descent and ...it made sense on many levels, emotional, logical...what a good post that was :-) Thank you for sharing it.

Hello, Jo! Look at that, I just posted :-) Since the fates our clearly inclined to your favor, quick, buy a lottery ticket in the name of Seren :-)

Hehe, thank you very much, Jo. I honestly don't think there is a nicer compliment than being missed a bit, and I'm grateful for it.

Kerry said...

I think I'm going to start keeping an eye on you. Anybody who puts down a new carpet and then goes out and adopts a dog named Puddles is worth watching.

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