Saturday, January 23, 2010

Unaccustomed Brevity

I am not known for being concise. I never have been, nor is it likely I ever will be.

I like to make people laugh whenever I can, who doesn't? It's been a week and then some for so many across the globe, and in particular, Haiti has suffered tremendously. Sometimes words cannot adequately convey much.

It was my anniversary with my husband. A low key affair this time, in fact, we set a rain date because he's still healing (and all that implies when it comes to limitations, I leave to your imaginations).

I am sure in next to no time I will be back in all my ridiculous verbosity. Until then, if Michael Franti cannot make you smile with this song, then certainly nothing I could write would induce one.


PhilipH said...

Short and very sweet Alane. And the video is such a happy happening; I've sent it to my kids!

Verbosity? Schmosity! Your style is YOU, Alane and it is certainly not verbose.

You write just as you feel, imo. Have a great anniversary rain check date when things are just right for you both.

Cheers, Phil

Kathryn said...

I missed you! Wondered what you've been up to.

Happy Anniversary!

I've never been known as a pro at being brief, either.

I always enjoy what you share, Alane, whether it be long or short. :)

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary Alane! I, too, have missed you - no pressure intended, just well wishes! I sense that you have a very sensitive heart, and this Haiti catastrophe is personally 'heartfelt' for you. I don't mean to be presumptive, but I think I understand.

That video was great - very cheerful and joyous. Was it filmed in Haiti? Hope your husband feels better soon - anniversaries can be celebrated anytime!

Jo said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby, Alane.

That video was wonderful. I turned it up full blast! I'm sure my neighbors loved it too, :-)

You? Verbose? Never! I love that blogging creates an actual conversation. Your blog is always wonderful, because it is well-written and I love reading it. Many blogs have figured out a way to get lots of commenters (give-aways, prizes, etc.) but they never really talk about anything. And the people who comment on them post little one-liner comments. Bah humbug! I am always thrilled when I log onto my blog and read your wonderful, intelligent comments. I consider it a compliment to me. Anyone can get lots of comments for "door-prizes", but to have an actual intelligent conversation, well, that is what blogging is all about as far as I am concerned. Don't ever stop!!!


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

happy anniversary!!! we are 28 next month, but I know about it and no one else here mentions it...sigh!!

Indifference l think is the order of the day...shame but there you go..we are all different....

hope you have a lovely day....

saz x

Mia said...

My opinion is that if you can say it in 140 characters or less you might as well use Twitter.

Blogs allow people to say what they want without constraint.

Tabor said...

Thanks so much for the video...after all this news I needed to see the joy of Caribbean during a better time.

DUTA said...

Happy Anniversary!
Last week I attended a 50th wedding anniversary. The husband told the guests how much he loves her after all these years, in such a manner, that it brought tears into my eyes.

I wish I had your "verbosity" and write like you. I'm always flattered and honored when you comment on my post. You've got such a great language and style!

Land of shimp said...

Hello, Philip! It's always so nice to see your screenname :-) Also, I'm so glad you sent that to your kids. That pleases me so much, I don't even know how to word it other than to say, "Yay!"

Long, long ago I was doing some work for a class in journalism. I was given an assignment, and prepared the piece. The prof pulled me aside a week later, and it was clear he was struggling with how to say what he wished to say. "This was well done, it's a good story...and...well, you told it fully." then he hesitated, "Very fully."

I pretty much new that as nice as that sounded, I was in for it, and stood waiting for the hammer to drop. "The thing is, you'd have to cut it by close to 2/3rds and the problem becomes, you do good work, but journalism is never going to be your field. Your style is too...extensive."

I thought that was the nicest way I've ever heard of someone taking the time to say, "Listen kid, don't waste anyone's time, including your own. You don't have the stuff for this field."

Luckily for me, it was just a class I was taking, not a field I was considering which was good, because I knew he was correct. Not my forte :-)

I've known writers who are very good at having a concise impact. It's a true skill.

Kathryn, I can't think of a nicer thing to read. Thanks for missing me, and thank you so much for saying that.

Brevity in writing is a skill, but thankfully it is one that best applies to specific fields. There's a writing exercise wherein you write a piece, and then attempt to cut it by half. It's supposed to be about honing impact. Doesn't it sound terrifying?!? I always found it to be so.

That's part of the reason I like the entire atmosphere of blogging, it isn't about writing to polish something for others. It's just..."I'm letting the words in my head out. Trust me, I need the space in there." :-)

Hello, Amy! Again, it's lovely to be missed. I miss folks when they aren't around also. I remember when you were visiting the charming, if diminutive Mr. E. and I felt the same way. I was so thrilled that you were seeing him, and looked forward to when you returned.

I don't think you're being presumptive at all, and I do understand. You have me pegged, Amy and it is a thing most people don't guess about me, because I sneeze and it seems like 500 words come out. The more something is on my mind, the deeper I feel it, the less likely I am to be able to talk about it much.

Something about core emotional truth being the hardest thing to express. It's a trait otherwise expressive people seem to share. When the very heartfelt things happen, the words just take a backseat to the feelings. We are ironic creatures, aren't we? Sometimes the things that challenge us most, are the very things are skills can't touch.

There's an enormity to the scope of what is going on in Haiti that just makes it very difficult to express. Lot of questioning, too. If you understand what I'm saying, and I believe you do.

Land of shimp said...

Jo, I don't think I've ever put this into words before, but you are one of the most supportive people in the blogosphere, to all you encounter. It is a tremendous gift to those around you, and I thank you so much for it, both on my behalf, and the many, many individuals you encourage.

I see your comments elsewhere, and am always struck by what a shot in the arm you are to others. It always makes me think that your daughter was a very lucky young woman to have you, and your grandchildren also.

That is such a rare gift. To encounter someone who says, in a variety of ways, "You can do it! It's a pleasure to see you. I have faith in you, and I know it isn't unfounded."

It's at variance with what so many people encounter from the world, and it is truly a wonderful gift to have.

Thank you. I'm so glad you enjoyed the video, it's such a cheerful song.

Triple F, I'm so sorry that your husband doesn't mark your anniversary with you. I think we tend to take for granted the greatest gifts in our lives. I'm sure he's got many positive attributes, but he needs a swat on the nose with a rolled up newspaper for that one.

He's lucky enough to have some remarkable, talented, intelligent, funny and deeply special in his life for 28 years. I don't know why he's forgotten about telling you that on your anniversary, but I'm sure that he knows it, and hopefully tells you in smaller ways, all the time.

But as I told my husband in regards to another couple, "If you love someone, then make the effort. It's not a complex equation."

You're special, and he's a lucky man, Triple F. Don't you forget that :-)

Land of shimp said...

Hello, Mia! Nice to see you.

I agree on the character limit. In fact, one of my friends is a devotee of Twitter, and she's actually very good at mastering the art of being brief, while being interesting. She was encouraging me to join Twitter, and I told her, "Oh God, can you even imagine me with a character limit?" it turned out, she could not...but at least the thought made her laugh :-)

I also agree that in blogs people should just do whatever feels the most comfortable.

Tabor, it's a lovely antidote, isn't it? Or rather, not an antidote, but it offers a bit of respite. Sometimes when horrible things happen, as they do in the course of life, it is hard to imagine the time when they will be better. We feel that things will be forever altered.

I don't know where that video was shot, but it was likely Jamaica as one of the singers featured in the song is Jamaican.

One of the reasons I like it is that Franti is a well known peace advocate, and his music often reflects that. It isn't that something so purely joyous is against his style, it is that the bulk of his work reflects his interest in peace and social issues across the world.

And so does this song, but in a different manner.

Land of shimp said...

Duta, thank you so much. You're always very kind, and it's always so appreciated. As it happens, I'm always blown away by how well you write, because you truly do write well...and you're doing it in something other than your first language, which is far more impressive to me.

I couldn't construct anything other than a very basic sentence in another language, and they basically center around ordering chicken, or locating the restroom!

Land of shimp said...

And I forgot to add: Thank you everyone, for the anniversary wishes. I appreciate it.

It was one factor in contemplating Haiti, really, more than anything. I have so a lovely life, and have been the recipient of such good fortune, including simply meeting my husband. He's not a perfect man, no one is perfect (heaven knows I'm so far from it, it's almost amusing) ...but he's the right fellow for me.

But so many people in Haiti lost their loved ones, entire families left with few survivors. Many are not simply trying to carry on, they are carrying on with crushing grief.

So that was why I mentioned it. I have the people I love, and sometimes forget, just waking up in that state everyday, is nothing short of miraculous for many, particularly at this time.

Suldog said...

I do tend to go on, myself, so I understand.

Hope all of the healing takes place as quickly as possible and you get to celebrate your anniversary in some sort of spectacular fashion.

By the way, I think you're the first person I've seen, as a commentator, who sometimes writes longer comments than the posts you're commenting upon. I think it's a great thing, by the way, and I'm not being facetious. It shows you really care. As I said, I tend toward the long comment myself (as witnessed here), so I'd be the last to denigrate you for such a thing.

Land of shimp said...

Thank you, Sol, and I do mean that. I'm not a person whose prone to apathy in almost any setting, I guess. Years ago I had reason to meet a Methodist minister, rather briefly, really. He saw me and spoke to me exactly two times, and it was at some length.

Twelve years after that, I attended a wedding and he was performing the service. As he looked out over the rather substantial congregation his eyes drifted over me, and snapped back with a clear look of recognition on his face. After the ceremony he approached me, remembering my name. I told him that he must have met thousands of people in the interim, and commented that he must have a remarkable memory.

His reply, "Not really, it's that you make an impression."

I decided not to press the issue, and ask for clarification just to be on the safe side ;-)

Hilary said...

Wonderful video.. a much need happy sound. Hope your hubby heals quickly. Happy Anniversary. :)

Land of shimp said...

Thank you, Hilary. I was just headed over to your blog to make the weekly rounds, and see what you found for us :-)

Protege said...

I love music, so this was a treat for me.
Thank you so much for your visit and a very thoughtful comment,

Snowbrush said...

"I am not known for being concise. I never have been, nor is it likely I ever will be."

Maybe I arrived at a bad time as you seem dreadfully concise to me--I mean it: terrifying, scintillatingly, and fluffily concise.

My wife's husband is also healing. May yours have better luck.

Land of shimp said...

Hello Protege, the pleasure was mine. I greatly enjoyed your post, and thank you for stopping by.

Snowbrush, trust me, you arrived at a good time in terms of the ability to say it with less. If brevity truly is the soul of wit? I'm witless ;-)

I hope you feel better soon, and heal well despite current appearance to the contrary.

By the way, if you visit the same blogs I do -- and that seems likely as you've ended up here -- you'll likely see me in the comment sections, a stranger to brevity. Easy to spot ;-)

Kyle said...

Well Alane, happy belated anniversary!

The sentiments were short, but the vid is oh so sweet. Thanks for the happy moment.

Anonymous said...

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