Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Isn't this a beautiful image?

Today I'm going to try and value some escapism. I've already been watching some goofy TV -- BtVS, funny and touching all at once, for any of you Whedon fans out there.

As important as it is to keep abreast of important developments, to stay well informed, and to participate in the process of our government, it's also important to give a brain a break every now and then.

Escapism isn't just what we do to run away from reality, it is one of the things we engage in to make us strong enough for reality.

Mostly, I just really liked the picture and wanted to share it. It really does look like a daydream brought to life. I found it years ago, it's Fagaras Citadel in Romania.


The Bug said...

Now, see, I'm a little too far the other way - I'm all about escapism. I try really hard to catch a glimpse of reality every now & then, but mostly I want to read fiction & watch baseball.

My husband was obsessed with BtVS for a while so I think I've seen all the episodes. My very favorite is the musical - "I've got a theory, it could be bunnies!" Love love it!

PhilipH said...

Love the title: Esacpism.

Also the first line of para 2:
As it important as it is to keep...

I've just quaffed a couple of glasses of a nice red wine - so I might be reading it wrongly. Hic.

Romantic looking house in Romania.

Land of shimp said...

I love to read and watch films, TV too, The Bug. If anything, I've spent too much of this summer firmly attached to reality!

The musical was a lot of fun, and really showed how much range Whedon has. Some of the saddest episodes of anything I've ever seen on TV were on BtVS, and some of the funniest too, but that was the only episode of anything that I could sing along to!

Ha! Thank you, Philip. Sorry, evidently I decided to escape from running spell check and editing!

All fixed, hopefully. It wasn't your wine, it was my mistake!

Jo said...

Labor Day weekend is made for escapism. It's when we change gears from summer mode to "real world" mode, and it's a good time to be lazy. Escapism rejuvenates us. It's just what I plan to do this weekend too. :-)